Born to one of the original NYC Mad Men and a Martha Stewart prototype mom, I grew up around advertising, style and attention to details.

My first job in advertising was back in the days of rubber cement and exacto blades. I worked my way up to Creative Director in NYC ad agencies, left to start an upscale poster company in Stamford, CT, and later became Creative Group Head at a promotional agency in Westchester, NY. Once remote creative work became realistic thanks to technology in the 90’s, I resigned my staff job and was freelancing there a week later. I consulted with large ad agencies while also working directly with small business owners for 9 glorious years.

One of the studios I did a project for was looking for a full time designer. I saw huge opportunity in their “in-house” position at MasterCard headquarters in NY. I joined their staff and played a pivotal role in the phenomenal growth of that studio’s revenue during my years there. After giving 6 weeks notice in 2004, I once again returned to the joys of entrepreneurship.

Soon after leaving the studio, MasterCard’s corporate Brand Strategy & Design team reached out and I became an on-site consultant  from 2005-2009. We continue to work together on projects today and I enjoy working with that corporate team but my passion is collabrating directly with small business owners.