Susan Keating, CMC
Business Owner, Aging Services

Starting a business is one thing, giving the company a visual design for others to relate with is another. Working with Janine of Janine Mayhew Design continues to be a fabulous and valuable experience. She is a great person and true expert. Seemingly simply she finds a way to bring whats in my mind to life visually; website, business cards, ads, Facebook visuals. She understands the passion behind my work and the importance of capturing it with grace and professionalism. Thank you Janine for all of your efforts – past, present and future!
December 13, 2015, Susan is currently Janine’s client


Lorinda Strang
Executive Director at Orchard Recovery Center

Every idea I present to Janine seems to magically transform from concept to completion with amazing efficiency, creativity and passion. I am constantly thrilled with everything that Janine has produced for my company. Janine knows what my company needs, I trust her judgement and I love her style. I am proud to recommend Janine to friends and colleagues.
December 23, 2011, Lorinda is currently Janine’s client

Melanie D Patrick, CLD
Certified Labor Doula at sacred mamas

Janine sat with me for a short consultation and in less than 24 hours sent me 17 or 18 concepts. She listened to my feedback and in round two had my unique and personalized logo and website banner perfected. She is a delight to work with; the perfect combination of professionalism and casual ease. She is a genius!
February 25, 2013, Melanie was Janine’s client


Michael Keating
President at Keating Electric & Technologies

Janine is a delight to work with. She is creative, and works very well with my staff. Her work with our branding in print and social media has simply been great. She has guided me into the 21st century  and has helped bring about a very positive change in my company. I heartily recommend her for any Design, Branding or Marketing needs.
August 1, 2011, Michael was Janine’s client

Rhonda Hurwitz
Online Strategy, Content Marketing, and Social Media

In addition to her incredible design talent, Janine is a huge asset due to her great understanding of branding and marketing. She combines a strategic approach with a state-of-the-art toolkit to achieve her client’s goals, and then effortlessly translates her design concept to make the best use of each medium, whether digital or traditional. I found Janine to be a pleasure to work with, and would hire her again in a heartbeat. I highly recommend her for any design project.
October 1, 2010, Rhonda was Janine’s client


Jack Sims
Founder of America’s Largest, Award Winning Marketing Agency, Keynote Speaker

Janine is a great creative resource and an absolute delight to work with. Like all great creative people she has a wonderful eye for detail, coupled with great taste.
February 26, 2010, Jack managed Janine indirectly at Sims Freeman O’Brien

Josephine Lombardi
Owner, SpaceTenders Corp.

I find Janine easy to work with, she takes initiative, and is very creative and decisive in her work. I find it a pleasure to work with her and trust in her judgement.
November 19, 2012, Josephine was Janine’s client

Yina Bravo
Director – Marketing at MasterCard

I had the privilege of working with Janine at MasterCard for about 4 years. She is an intelligent, highly motivated and solutions-oriented team member who is capable of managing several projects at once. She has high standards for herself and her motivation to deliver strong business results is unmatched.
February 25, 2010, Yina worked directly with Janine at MasterCard Worldwide

Chuck Breuel
Senior Business Leader, VP at MasterCard Worldwide

Janine is a highly creative, experienced, and articulate professional. In the 3+ years we worked together at MasterCard Worldwide, she applied skill, energy, focus, and effectiveness to tackling a diverse range of branding and design challenges. She further enhanced her value to the team by proactively bringing new and welcome ideas and perspectives to the table. Janine  is a warm, engaging person and someone whom I highly endorse!
February 25, 2010, Chuck managed Janine indirectly at MasterCard Worldwide

Fran Grossman
Creative Consultant-former COO of Sims Freeman O’Brien

Janine is one of those unique individuals who has the ability to tap into both the left and right side of her brain. She is a very creative person who understands the business world and what it takes to get the job done. She is the kind of manager that never needed managing, an asset to any organization!

February 28, 2010, Fran managed Janine at Sims Freeman O’Brien


Daniel Cultice
President of DC Graphics and Marketing, Inc.

I highly recommend taking advantage of any chance you might get to work with Janine Mayhew. Being so comfortable with herself and her incredible talents, Janine’s leadership immediately creates an atmosphere of collaboration and energy. You will quickly find yourself with a superior creative product, a happy client or customer and a solid business relationship.
February 26, 2010, Daniel worked indirectly for Janine at Sims Freeman O’Brien

Tim Powell
Sponsorship Sales Manager, Global Conferences at Financial Times

I worked with Janine extensively over the course of many months to identify brand-specific photography across many areas for the MasterCard Worldwide image library. Janine was patient, professional and always focused on her company’s needs. Janine was a key member of the team at MasterCard that implemented a new digital asset management system to manage the library. Janine’s probing questions and desire for the best possible solution for MasterCard resulted in a global site that now features consistently priced and brand-true imagery. I look forward to working with Janine in the future. She is professional, creative and friendly.
February 25, 2010, Tim was a consultant or contractor to Janine at MasterCard Worldwide